Book by its Cover

'More Wild for Adventure' made it onto the Book by its Cover site I was thrilled to see. It's been the most time consuming project so far, and at the end of it I found I only had the will to make a fraction of the amount of copies I intended. It ended up with too many pages, and used up so much ink, plus it was so heavy, that it wasn't going to be very economical to sell through the usual channels. I've given them all away now and am having a rest for a while.



Oh no! Are there no copies left? Anywhere? Alack! I am a great fan of your work and have been collecting your books via Picturebox for quite some time. If you ever reprint More Wild For Adventure, or if there are any yet available, let me know!

John Hankiewicz said...

It looks like a fantastic book. Make a subscription list for the next one!


I think I over-reached myself this time. Every aspect of the books is carried out by myself from home and I always make a loss on them. This book was just too large to do a bigger run.

I may decide to make a miniature version of it in the New year.

Whalewatch - how do i contact you if I did make some more?


I have the same tendancy with nearly every book I make and edition- little return relative to all the labor of assembly and binding! But somehow, its still always worth it, I think.
If you make more copies, you can contact me at

Paul Bommer said...

I should also very much like to be on any future mailing list.
my address is

thank you
I would definitely pay good money for one of these ( and any thing else you cook up come to that)