Smart Tart

Just published is 'Smart Tart' by Tamasin Day-Lewis, a part recipe book/part memoir which features some illustrations by me. It's published by Unbound and there is also an edition published in conjunction with Fortnum & Mason. Here are some of my drawings for it, which are included as chapter headings.


Tamasin Day-Lewis said...

John Broadley is a HERO. No-one could have more beautifully or sensitively illustrated my book. And he hasn't asked me to say that btw.
Tamasin Day-Lewis


Wow, what a surprise! Thanks Tamasin, and best wishes with the book, I really enjoyed reading your reminisces. I did a few of the drawings down at the park with the kids - it would have probably looked a little strange seeing me, on one of the hottest days in August, drawing the Christmas chapter, and my sons all deciding to draw snowmen and Santas..