Book by its Cover

'More Wild for Adventure' made it onto the Book by its Cover site I was thrilled to see. It's been the most time consuming project so far, and at the end of it I found I only had the will to make a fraction of the amount of copies I intended. It ended up with too many pages, and used up so much ink, plus it was so heavy, that it wasn't going to be very economical to sell through the usual channels. I've given them all away now and am having a rest for a while.

Photocopy prints

Close-ups of strips I made on my photocopier from separations which were used for the screen-printed edition of WFA, circa 2001


I've just caught a first glimpse of my picture inside 'BEASTS! 2' by Jacob Covey (Fantagraphics), courtesy of Julia Rothman and her excellent website 'BOOK BY ITS COVER'.
BBIC is well worth a look, collecting together some really nice photographs of visually pleasing books, both handmade and published.

King Terry

This is the introduction to Bad n Nice by King Terry

UPDATE - I posted some pictures from this over on NETTLESOME (see side bar for link)


I was surprised, to say the least, to hear that 'Pond Life' has been nominated for an Ignatz Award at SPX (that's Small Press Expo) this weekend in North America.
Surprised because there were only about 25 copies sent over to the US, and I've never really considered it to be a comic as such. My ignorance of the whole comics world is such that I'd never heard of the awards, and am ashamed to say didn't even recognise the Krazy Kat reference until I googled it. It's great to get a bit of recognition and thanks to those responsible for putting it on the list.

Below is from Publishers Weekly's Beat blog:

Small Press Expo (SPX) 2008 will host the twelfth annual presentation of the Ignatz Awards on Saturday night, October 4 at 9PM at the North Bethesda Marriott Hotel and Conference Center. The Ignatz Awards are a celebration of outstanding achievement in comics and cartooning, the nominees being determined by a jury of five comic artists. This year’s jury consisted of Gabrielle Bell, Farel Dalrymple, Eleanor Davis, John Hankiewicz and Andy Hartzell. The Ignatz Awards are voted on by those who attend
this year’s SPX on Saturday, October 4 only.

Outstanding Anthology or Collection
Inkweed, Chris Wright (Sparkplug Comic Books)
Little Lulu Vol. 18, John Stanley (Dark Horse)
Papercutter #7, edited by Greg Means (Tugboat Press)
Pond Life, John Broadley (PictureBox)
Windy Corner #2, edited by Austin English (Sparkplug Comic Books)

More Wild for Adventure

Possible cover for upcoming collection of Wild for Adventure strips

Last Boat Leaving

This is an illustration I've just completed for a marine charity about the demise of the British fishing industry

Beasts book project

This is my contribution to 'Beasts 2' edited by Jacob Covey at Fantagraphics and should be out later this year.

Wild For Adventure 2008

June 2008 sees me resurrecting the WFA strips...