Last Boat Leaving

This is an illustration I've just completed for a marine charity about the demise of the British fishing industry

Beasts book project

This is my contribution to 'Beasts 2' edited by Jacob Covey at Fantagraphics and should be out later this year.

Wild For Adventure 2008

June 2008 sees me resurrecting the WFA strips...


Book Cover 2003

Book Cover 'Dreams of Rotting Teeth' 2002

Book Cover 'Complete Short Stories' 2001

Book Cover 'Sad Dog' 2000

Book Cover 'Wild For Adventure' 1999


Book Cover 'More in Less' 1999

Book Cover 'All in a Dim Cold Night' 1998

Book Cover 'Elsewhere and Elsewhen' 1997

Book Cover 1997

Book Cover first 'Wild For Adventure' 1996


Book Cover 'Pond Life' 2007. Currently for sale at

Book Cover (Transparent) 'Wild For Adventure Compilation' 2000

Wild For Adventure Strips in full

Massive post containing all the pages from the screen-printed strips from the Le Dernier Cri edition of Wild For Adventure.