Colibri Zine

I have a strip in the latest edition of Colibri, published in Spain by Apa Apa Comics.
The dinkily-sized zine also includes work by Alexis Nolla, Cristina Daura, Clara Tanit, Martin Romero, Jessica Boston, Chema Peral, Aisha Franz, Judit Armengol, Albert Aromir, Martin Ernstsen, Elisa Riera, Sergi Puyol, Felipe Almenros and Clara Artiga.

Wine List spot

Few and Far

Drawing to announce the closure of Priscilla Carluccio's Few and Far shop

More Quo Vadis

Here are some more pictures done for Soho's Quo Vadis restaurant. The menus were designed by Julian Roberts of Irving and Co.

And this is an extract from a review by Nick Lander of the FT;

“But it is in the restaurant, replete with tablecloths and napkins but devoid of a cover charge, where the fun really begins as soon as the new menu arrives, already a frontrunner in the annual competition I would like to initiate for ‘Menu Design of the Year’.

It is an A4 card, printed daily, with that day’s weather forecast in the top-right-hand corner. Around the central main menu for the day are 10 boxes that contain certain groupings of dishes: ‘bites’, including a smooth bloater paste, similar in texture to a kipper pate; two types of oysters; three cuts of beef and a rack of lamb from the grill; and a pie of the day, a rich, hare pie topped with puff pastry.

The central section comprises that day’s five starters and four main courses which appear under a couple of wistful black-and-white illustrations by John Broadley. Those on the main menu include a black-and-white stove and a rather glum cat on a chair. Those on the separate dessert card are more louche: playing cards, a guitar, and a stylish young man with a cigarette between his lips.”

Nick Lander’s Review of Quo Vadis was first published in the Financial Times on the 4th February 2012 – here’s the link to the unabridged version.

Illustration for Valentine's Day menu

Illustration for Valentine's Day menu

This is the design (below) for a marmalade label which will be on the jars to be sold in the reception, also modified to be on the main menu (above).