Cup, Baton, Acorn, Sword

Four of the designs from a set of playing cards I'm working on

Two Links

I was really pleased to see my book was included in The Times round up of graphic novels for the year. Link to the article here.

Meanwhile here is me drawing Superman for Robert Goodin's Covered blog.


Latest stages in the creation of a set of colour cards.

Cave Wall

I have some drawings appearing in the latest issue of this poetry journal

Electric Pencil

Have a look at some amazing drawings

King of the WILD Beasts x 2

Currently working on separations for these, and lots of other strips, for a colour book.

Some old stuff

I found a number of old books, which had been stuck away in a box in the cupboard, and have sent them off for sale in the Good Grief bookshop. David Bailey has written an all too flattering description of them, which almost makes me want to click on the 'buy' button.

Images below are all cribbed from his blog.

Pond Life, there are five copies of this from 2007

Sleepy Hollow, four of this from 2002. Have fond memories of doing the drawings for this outside the holiday apartment in Tenerife.

Twisted Tongue, ten of these, from 1999. I made 38(!) of these but didn't like them so filed them away.

Print made with erasers and stamp pads

Salford Zine Library

I sent a couple of books to the Salford Zine Library, which has recently been featured in both Design Week and A-N Magazine. The library was created in January 2010 and aims to collect and showcase self-published work. A non-profit organisation, it relies on donations, details of how to do so can be found on its website

Leszy Old

This is one of my initial ideas for the Leszy illustration which appeared in Beasts 2

Good Grief

The latest book is now for sale in the UK at a shop in Manchester called Good Grief. Check out the website for lots of interesting hand-made books.

Art Review Strip

Here is a double-page strip for April edition of Art Review magazine

New Strip

I've just finished another Wild For Adventure installment, this one will feature in the April edition of Art Review magazine. A double page spread, and in colour. Here is one of the panels.

Drawing from the Telly

Book by its Cover

Here is a piece about the forthcoming book

Books for sale

There are 20 copies of the latest Wild For Adventure book on sale here