El Ultimo Grito

I submitted a picture for the latest Le Dernier Cri book 'El Ultimo Grito' - a collection of drawings based on the Mexican Day of the Dead/Mexican posters/Posada.
200 copies on sale and 100 copies for the artists. Sold out on the LDC website.

Envelope design

This is the image used on envelopes which were sent out to people who got a copy of the latest book

Drawings for comic

This is the original artwork for the first page of a comic

Yellow Book

My latest book of comic strips. I have made an edition of 41 copies and I have around 20 left to sell.

SOLD OUT - thanks to everyone who bought one

It is around A5 size, 30 pages long. If you already have one of my hand made books you'll know what to expect - black and white photocopied pages, stapled and bound into a hard-backed cover.

ABC Poster

The figurative alphabet I did for L'Articho is now also available as a poster from Human Empire .

The Song the Pine Trees Knew (parts one and two)

I've got about 24 of these strip pages now so I'm getting to putting them together into a small book

Alkom'X n°5

Here is a strip I have done - A Franc for your Thoughts - for a French magazine called Alkom'X n°5. Check the link for more details

L'Articho Alphabet

This is an alphabet I made for a soon to be released magazine "Les Cahiers de L'Articho".


WFA Comics & Stories

Finally developed the format for the next collection of strips. Here are a few examples.



WFA2 -2

Some panels from the book.


Here are some better scans of the front cover of my latest book which has been produced by Le Dernier Cri.