Down to the Cellar

Here's a nice little picture of some of my books posted by my friend the illustrator Jonny Mendelsson or on his highly entertaining blog Down to the Cellar which displays some of the highlights from his wonderful collection of ephemera, books etc.

Some of these I no longer have a copy of myself. The red one at the front is probably from about 1992, while the concertina one a couple of years later which was I think a mail-out to art directors from the days when I was attempting to try to make a living out of all this.

3-D picture

This is an illustration from the 'Problem Without Answer' book which I made into three dimensions and photographed with a polaroid.

Oddments 4

This one complete with spelling mistakes

Oddments 3

A few bits of stuff which I've found in an old folio case. This from about 2001.

Oddments 2

One from about ten years ago. A picture for the Paul Gallico book 'Jennie'.

Oddments 1

This is a series of small spot illustrations I did for the Guardian Guide CLUBS section in 2003. The scans are taken from the publication itself.

Last Boat Leaving two

Original painting I did for the Last Boat Leaving brief.

Chapter borders

The book I've been working on is actually a compilation of all the books I've made over the past 12 years.
It's due to be published in 2010, all being well, by Jonathan Cape.
For the people who contacted me for copies of the last Wild for Adventure book, the whole of that is going to be in there.
The book is divided into sections, twelve in all, and these are some of the borders which will form the chapter title pages, I'm currently trying to work out lettering for the central spaces...


Screengrabs of the endpaper pages together


From a batch of drawings destined for a forest scene which will form an end paper design for a future book