Menu pictures

Two more for the menu of Quo Vadis.
Quite contrasting styles, but I do love bird books so thought I would indulge myself and play it straight with the illustration for 'gulls' eggs'

Ministry of Frogs

Received this week, a beautifully put together magazine by Desdemona MCCannon on the subject of folk-inspired contemporary art. The journal is generously illustrated by artists including; Jonny Hannah, Emily Sutton, Cornelia O'Donovan, Alice Patullo, Stephen Fowler, Michael Dinges, myself, Desdemona, and also includes a profile of Stephen Bird, whose ceramic creations are something to see. It is available to buy here.
Cover by Desdemona MCCannon
Cornelia O'Donovan
Emily Sutton
Jonny Hannah
Michael Dinges
Stephen Fowler
Alice Patullo
Stephen Bird
John Broadley